Get It Published

Group Program for Women Scholarly Book Authors

Get it Published | Group Program for Women Scholarly Book Authors


Are you a first-time academic book author looking for ways to skyrocket your writing productivity while connecting with other women who share your struggles?

This small group will help you build confidence, find accountability, and make the best use of your limited time and energy during the semester!

You want to achieve your dreams

Hey there, fellow academic!

It’s so tough to write your first book. How are you supposed to know what to do when you’ve never done it before?

You’ve invested years into your project and know you can make a major contribution. But you’ve been getting stuck inside your own head and slowed down by self-doubt.

A packed teaching schedule and personal life leave little time for your book. You feel guilty when you don’t write and stuck when you do!

The stakes feel so high. Publishing a book will let you attain many of your hard-fought dreams.

Dreams of getting a job or getting tenure and having financial security, once and for all. Dreams of being recognized for your brilliance. Dreams of improving the world with your ideas.

Ultimately, this is about having an impact and legacy no one can deny.

But how do you do it while
managing everything else too?

You hoped book writing would be an exhilarating process of discovery, but it’s starting to feel like a burden. You yearn to get reinspired by your project and unleash your creativity. Instead of dreading writing and putting it off, you want to look forward to working on your manuscript every day.

Yet between all your other work and life commitments — never mind that pesky inner critic who’s always making you feel bad — how is this supposed to happen?

You need a process AND more accountability

You’ve read up on ways to increase productivity, develop better habits, and transform your dissertation into a book. You’ve joined writing groups. Maybe you’ve taken part in writing retreats and made amazing progress … until they were over!

Even during “normal” times, it’s hard to figure out an effective book writing process. But with everything going on in the world and in your life this past year, it’s no wonder you haven’t had the mental space to regain a sense of flow and purpose.

Your research can transform how people think and make you a powerful agent of social change. Too many scholars, especially women of color, lose out on opportunities or tenure because they couldn’t get their book out. Tragically, their groundbreaking ideas never find an audience.

That’s why I created this program, to help women like you develop the practical strategies and unshakable self-confidence to become a published author – one who thrives every step of the way.


Hi, I’m Leslie.

I’m a former tenured professor of Sociology and feminist qualitative researcher who has published two sole-authored academic books and am in the process of writing a third. I’m also a certified life coach.

Writing my first book was an incredibly long, frustrating, and isolating experience. I was clueless about the publishing world and plagued by self-doubt and perfectionism. Worse yet, I thought I had to sacrifice my own happiness to get it all done.

For my second book, I vowed to do things differently. I applied lessons from the first time around and didn’t put the rest of my life on hold. The result? A smooth writing process that led to relatively quick publication.  

Now I work with high achievers like you to master your habits and mindset so you can publish a book that matters.

This program brings together everything I’ve learned about book writing as a successful author and coach. My systematic process includes all the tools and strategies you need to break through to the next level in your writing, and in your life.

Leslie Wang, Writing Coach & Publishing Strategist


You’ve tried to create a sustainable writing system, but nothing has stuck because you’ve been trying to do it all on your own. Plus, the thought of writing a whole manuscript and not being able to find a publisher is terrifying!

Why continue this cycle of struggle, anxiety, and self-doubt?


You will:

What’s Included:

Group Coaching Session Schedule

(On Zoom, TUESDAYS from 2:00-3:30PM Eastern Standard Time)

Design Your Writing Road Map

We’ll get to know one another and align your major writing goals 

You’ll learn how to effectively apply your time and energy over the semester.

Clarify Your Book’s Vision

We’ll identify your ideal audience and reconnect you with your passion.

You’ll solidify your core values and define your book’s deeper mission.

Write a Strong Book Proposal and Q&A with Developmental Editor Jenny Gavacs

We’ll discuss what exactly goes into a strong proposal you can send off to publishers with confidence.

Jenny is the founder of Whetstone Editing and a former acquisitions editor at Stanford University Press. (Read more about her here.)

#4: Advice for First-Time Authors and Q&A with Executive Editor Naomi Schneider

We’ll talk about how to identify the best presses for your manuscript.

You’ll get clarity on the process of obtaining a contract to publish your book.

Naomi is the Executive Editor at University of California Press. (Read more about her here.)

Break Through Your Obstacles

We’ll pinpoint the fears and insecurities holding you back in your writing.

You’ll learn how to manage your inner critic and keep going.

Envision the Future and Next Steps

We’ll review all of the progress you’ve made this semester towards your writing goals.

You’ll come up with a concrete plan to ensure you maintain positive habits, an empowered mindset, and stay focused moving forward.

Every other week, there will also a Co-Working Session
(also on Tuesdays 2:00-3:30pm Eastern Standard Time):

** These sessions will start with goal-setting exercises and also provide a chance for you to receive feedback on your writing, followed by 60 minutes of open work time. **

Your investment: $2000 (one-time payment)

** Here’s a handy letter template you can use to
request institutional funding for this program. Also, I am reserving a limited number of reduced-price spaces for folks without institutional funds. Please email me at to find out more.**

This program is for you if ...


Frequently Asked Questions

Other than our sessions, your time commitment will go towards writing your book. But because you’ll be using your own well thought out plan, you will probably have even more time and energy to spend on your life outside of work!

Like all things, your success really depends on your commitment to the process. That said, I’ve found the unique combination of group social support and accountability plus one-on-one targeted coaching sessions to be an incredibly effective way of maintaining progress towards your goals.

Absolutely! More than ever, writing mentorship and coaching are considered part of professional development. Here’s a letter template you can use to ask for institutional support to cover the cost of this program. But also know that some clients pay for coaching out-of-pocket. Consider it an investment in your career, the larger contribution you want to make, and the life you want to lead.

You will each be put into a small accountability group in which you will receive peer feedback on your work once during the program. 

To create group rapport and ensure each person gets individualized support and attention, the group will be limited to only 15 women.

Here's what participants have to say...