Hi! I’m Leslie ...

As a scholar, your research can transform how people think and make you a powerful agent of social change.

You’ve invested years into your project. But now you’re swamped with so much work it feels impossible to carve out the time you need to write your manuscript, let alone enjoy your life.

Leslie Wang, Writing Coach & Publishing Strategist

I’ve been there!

Writing my first book was an incredibly long, frustrating, and isolating experience. I was clueless about the publishing world and plagued by self-doubt and perfectionism. Worse yet, I thought I had to sacrifice my own happiness to get it all done.

For my second book, I vowed to do things differently. I applied lessons from the first time around and didn’t put the rest of my life on hold. The result? A smooth writing process that led to quick publication. 

I’ve seen too many women scholars lose out on opportunities or tenure because they didn’t get their book out. Tragically, their groundbreaking ideas never find an audience.

I designed Your Words Unleashed signature coaching program to help high achievers like you develop the practical strategies and unshakable self-confidence to become a published author – one who thrives every step of the way.


Outsourced Children, Leslie Wang

Outsourced Children

focuses on the lives of abandoned children in Chinese orphanages, some of whom who are adopted by American parents.

Chasing the American Dream in China

Chasing the American Dream in China

highlights the experiences of Chinese American professionals who live and work in mainland China.

Leslie’s Professional Background and Education

When I’m not working with high-achieving scholars, I enjoy cooking, international travel, and spending time with my husband and young son.