Workshops for Scholars

I lead three different inspiring 90-minute signature workshops geared towards enhancing both scholarly productivity and personal well-being. Currently, they are all offered only by Zoom.

All workshops are highly interactive. They include individual, small, and larger group activities and discussions. If desired, a 45-minute co-writing session can also be added.

Participants will come away with both practical strategies and a renewed sense of clarity around their priorities that they can apply to their work and life. 

The results for participants are often immediate and transformational (see testimonials below).

Read on for more details:


Dissertation to Book Workshop:

Designing a Clear Path Forward

Transforming a dissertation into a book manuscript is one of the biggest challenges junior scholars face. The process necessitates growing into a new phase of intellectual development AND making sense of the mystifying world of academic publishing. This workshop helps authors do both. Exercises center on identifying one’s ideal audience and narrowing down the book’s core message. Participants will be better equipped to make confident decisions about how to expand their book beyond the dissertation. The last part of the workshop is reserved for an open Q&A where authors can ask gain clarity about academic publishing, including issues putting together a book proposal, contacting editors, and securing a contract.

What participants receive …


Write More by Finding the Deeper Purpose of Your Work

Too often, we focus only on the “how” and “what” of writing. There’s no doubt that writing tools and time management strategies are useful and necessary. However, if we want to avoid burning out while working on long-term projects, we must reconnect with our deeper sense of purpose and tap into more intrinsic sources of motivation. This workshop gives scholars at all career stages strategies to use their core values to propel them forward in their research and writing. This content is appropriate for both article writers and book writers.

What participants receive …


Beyond Saying No:

Setting Boundaries to Boost
Productivity and Satisfaction

Common advice recommends that scholars should say “no” to obligations that will reduce the time they have available for research, especially in the pre-tenure years. But setting healthy boundaries takes more than a simple “no.” How can you avoid having to decide between your research and other concerns that matter to you? In this workshop you will learn more about how to assess your time, set your priorities, assert your value, and gain more focus in your research and other areas of your life.

What participants receive …

FEE PER WORKSHOP: $3000-$5000

(depending on group size and format)

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